Best Slazenger Tennis Racquets

Founded in 1881 by the Slazenger brothers, Ralph and Albert, Slazenger is a British brand with quite the legacy in tennis. They’ve been partnered with Wimbledon for more than a hundred years (a feat they hail as “the longest partnership is sporting history”), and they’ve been providing every single tennis ball to the All England Club from 1902 right up to the present day.

When Slazenger started, their balls were made from rubber and wool cloth, which had to be sown together by hand, meaning that no two balls were ever identical. The more modern ball design that everyone recognises only arrived in 1965, with their distinctive yellow colour making its first appearance in 1986.

Of course, Slazenger don’t just make balls, they make rackets too. Fred Perry, Margaret Court, Rod Laver and numerous other tennis legends all won their grand slams with Slazenger rackets. So if you buy a Slazenger racket, you’re investing in a brand with a long and storied tennis history, and you can be confident that you’re getting a quality product as a result. Sadly though, Slazenger aren’t quite the tennis legends that they once were. Over the years they have been steadily out-innovated by their competitors, like Wilson, Prince and Yonex, so they just aren’t on the radar of most players. However, if what you want is an affordable, quality racket that will get the job done, you can’t go far wrong with Slazenger.

hy Buy a Slazenger Tennis Racket?

Slazenger are all about affordability and solid quality. You get no high-tech carbon composites here, no fancy sounding technologies using trademarked substances originally designed by the military for use in stealth jets. You just get a good, old-fashioned racket that’s great for knocking tennis balls about a court. If you just want to get down the local park for some tennis, and don’t want to take out a bank loan before you get started, Slazenger are as solid as they come.

The Best Slazenger Tennis Rackets

Unlike a lot of brands, who offer a dizzying array of product lines and distinct models, Slazenger likes to keep things simple. They make four different rackets (in various sizes), and they make those four designs to the best quality they can. We’ll run them down for you here:

Slazenger Smash Tennis Racket

Best for Beginners

The Smash is Slazenger’s entry-level offering and comes complete with a lightweight, tubular aluminium alloy frame and a cushioned grip for greater power and control. Factor in the price and you have an ideal start-up racket for someone who just wants to have a go without investing too much in expensive kit.


  • Frame Material: Alloy
  • Strip Pattern: 18×15
  • Grip: Cuchioned Grip
  • Headsize: 102 square inches
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Comes in a range of sizes.

You can’t argue with an entry-level racket when it’s this affordable. Light in the hand, and comfortable for casual play. As with all Slazenger’s rackets, this is very solidly made and should last the casual player a good long while.

Slazenger Prodigy Tennis Racket

Best for Intermediate Players

The Slazenger Prodigy Tennis Racket is an ideal choice for beginners thanks to its lightweight graphite alloy frame construction and generous head size (98 square inches). The racket enjoys a cushioned grip on the handle, which allows for firm hold and superb control when moving between forehand and backhand strokes. It also cushions the arm a little from vibrations and impact shocks when the ball is struck. The racket is finished off nicely with distinctive Slazenger puma branding.


  • Frame Weight: 290g
  • Frame Material: Graphite alloy construction
  • Strip Pattern: 18×15
  • Grip: Cushioned grip
  • Headsize: 98 square inches
  • Unstrung balance 325mm
  • String tension 52-62lbs
  • Slazenger graphics

As with all Slazenger rackets, this is a really solid build, and at such an affordable price most beginners won’t need better. If you’ve only just got into tennis, you won’t really need all the fancy features that an expensive entry-level racket from a premium brand like Yonex or Volkl will provide. That’s the sort of thing that only advanced players need to worry about. Until you put in the hours practising and are ready to join the tennis elite, the Slazenger Prodigy will amply serve your needs without asking you to break into your life savings to do it.

Slazenger Pro Tennis Racket

Best for Pro Players

Of all of Slazenger’s rackets, the Slazenger Pro is the offering that has got them some attention recently. Reviewers rave about its lightness, build quality and feel, and generally seem a bit surprised that Slazenger have produced such a lovely racket to play with. (They also just can’t get over the price.)

It may not have a celebrity endorser, but the Slazenger Pro can go toe-to-toe with the features offered by a lot of the more expensive rackets available on the market, particularly with its lightweight graphite construction (weighing in at a mere 255g) and its soft, comfortable handle. You’ll be able to switch between forehands and backhands with ease, whilst maintaining excellent control throughout. Again, the cushioned handle is a real bonus for anyone prone to wrist or elbow strain. This is a racket that feels great in the hand and is strung with a pro-standard 16×19 string pattern for improved power, precision and spin.


  • Frame Weight: 255g
  • Frame Material: Graphite construction
  • Strip Pattern: 16×19
  • Grip: Soft grip handle
  • Headsize: 100 square inches
  • Slazenger branding

With 100 square inches of surface, the Slazenger pro has a large sweet spot, while its graphite frame keeps it light and responsive. Best of all is the price, which means it can keep up with several far more expensive rackets currently available. With the Slazenger Pro, you can buy a great intermediate quality racket for the kind of price that wouldn’t even buy you a beginner’s racket from Wilson or Yonex. Almost any tennis player, other than someone heading for the pros, should be able to find something to like about this racket.

Slazenger Smash Junior Tennis Racket

Best Slazenger Tennis Racket for Juniors

This is the junior version of the Slazenger’s entry level racket, the Smash. Durable, lightweight and extremely forgiving, this is a fantastic choice for juniors. It has a lightweight alloy frame and a lovely cushioned grip, that gives great control and power (considering its size and price). The Smash also comes in a range of sizes and colours, with Slazenger’s trademark puma logo, so that younger players can always find a racket that they’ll love.

The Slazenger Smash Junior is super affordable but robust enough that it can take a bit of a beating in the hands of a frustrated new player, or from a casual young player who isn’t inclined to treat their tennis racket like a sacred object. The Smash is an ideal transition from a full junior racket to an adult one, without having to shell out vast sums for something high-tech. Practical, functional, and ready for play anywhere, anytime.


  • Perfect for junior players
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Available in a range of colours

A superb, durable racket at a ridiculously low price. Perfect for children just getting into the game, and perfect for parents that don’t want to worry too much about the inevitable chips and dents.

The Last Word

Owning a Slazenger racket is like buying into a bit of tennis history. If you grew up watching Wimbledon in the summer, then every single ball that you watched being knocked about by one of the pros had a Slazenger logo emblazoned on its side. That’s the way it’s been for this British brand for well over a hundred years.

These days, they may not be the most high-tech manufacturer of tennis rackets, and they certainly don’t have the shiny celebrity endorsements that a lot of buyers have come to expect, but that’s no comment on their quality. Slazenger are still plugging away after more than a century, producing great affordable products for sports enthusiasts everywhere, and their rackets – particularly the Slazenger Pro – are well worth your time.

Best Völkl Tennis Racquets

Until Grand Slam champion Boris Becker brought them to the world’s attention, Völkl was just an old German company with very little name recognition. They took a strange route around to making their world-leading Tennis rackets, starting out as a company that made skis and skiwear, before branching out into all other sorts of sports equipment. Indeed, even going to their homepage today, you’ll barely see a sign that these are one of the most respected producers of tennis rackets in the world, but there you are.

Völkl have developed a reputation as innovators, patenting numerous new sports technologies that they use in the design and development of their rackets. If you buy one, you can take advantage of that German engineering too.

Why Buy a Völkl Tennis Racket?

The important term to keep in mind when look at Völkl products is “cutting-edge”. If you buy a Völkl racket you’re not just getting the same old thing that the company has been churning out for years, built from the same materials that they were using twenty years ago. With Völkl, you get high-tech answers to your sporting needs. Their patented carbon composite, Organix, is found in all their rackets, alongside Bio Sensors and active vibration dampening (to save your poor joints).

Best Völkl Tennis Rackets

Want to know your Team Speed from for Super G 10? Time to sort out the best of Völkl’s innovative rackets:

Völkl V-Sense 10 JR Tennis Racket

Best Völkl Tennis Racket for Juniors

This is the junior iteration of the V-Sense 10, which is one of Völkl’s excellent rackets for adults. Typical of Völkl, they don’t scrimp on the high-tech features just because it’s not aimed at the pro leagues. The frame of the V-Sense 10 JR is constructed from a mix of Graphite and C3 Material, one of Völkl’s patented technologies, which keeps the frame extremely stable and ultra-lightweight. The Vibration absorption handle also dampens unwanted vibrations and shocks, which makes this a very comfortable racket to play with.


  • For Players 11+
  • Frame Weight:
  • Frame Material: Graphite / C3 Material
  • Grip: Vibration Absorption Handle
  • String Pattern: 16×19
  • C3 Material, combining Tri-Carbon paper, cellulose fibers, carbon nanotubes, and Graphene Nanoplatelets (GNP) for a stable, lightweight frame

High-tech gear shouldn’t only be reserved for the pros, and the Völkl V-Sense 10 is perfect for the competitive Junior player already playing at the advanced level. It’s quick for players to get to grips with and offers fantastic pace and spin.

Völkl Team Speed Tennis Racket

Best for Budget Racket for Hobbyists

It’s hard to say that any of Völkl’s rackets are “entry level”, when all of them are as advanced as they are, but this is probably the closest that the company gets. As the name perhaps suggests, this is a speedy, maneuverable racket, which Völkl has kept nice and light. Völkl have stripped back the tech to keep the price down, but this is still streaks ahead of most other entry-level rackets. Heavy hitters should be wary, however: despite the inclusion of an excellent shock-absorbing handle, the pure lightness of the Team Speed racket means that it’s unable to absorb big impacts. If you try to strike the ball too hard with a Team Speed Tennis Racket, your arm may not thank you for it.


  • Frame Weight: 265g
  • Frame Material: Carbon and Fibreglass
  • String Pattern: 16×19
  • Grip: Vibration Control Handle

This is a great, affordable racket for hobbyists who want something of a little higher quality, or for juniors making the transition towards playing seriously. However, it’s not suited to pounding rallies from the base line.

Völkl Super G 10 Mid 320 Tennis Racket

Best for Beginners

The Völkl G 10 Mid 320 is the ultimate all-rounder. It does everything you need it to, without most of the unbalanced pros and cons that need to be weighed out when considering other rackets. As a result, there aren’t any exceptional highs here, but there aren’t really any big drawbacks either. So if you’re a beginner player looking for a quality racket, and you haven’t yet worked out your preferred playing style, the Super G 10 ought to have you covered.

A 96 square inch head will give players a decent amount of control, while an innovative slight V at the throat of the racket manages to expand the sweet spot a little, making up for the smaller head size. The Super G 10 Mid 320 is also on the heavier side as rackets go, ensuring decent power on the swing, but the thin frame keeps it easy to maneuver.

Heavier weight and a stiffer frame could be a recipe for discomfort, but this is also a very cushioned racket. Völkl’s Bio Sensor handle system, combined with their “Super Grommet” technology, dampen vibrations by at least 15%, sparing your elbow and wrist from nasty jolts and shocks.


  • Frame Weight: 330g
  • Frame Material: Organix carbon nanotubes, Graphite
  • String Pattern: (unstrung)
  • Grip: Völkl Bio Tac
  • Organix high tech carbon nanotubes, for 30% more power and handling
  • Optispot design on the racket, helpi9ng the eye to focus
  • Bio Sensor dampening system
  • Super Grommets, for dampening and improved energy transfer

This racket is fantastic for control down the baseline, with solid maneuverability at the net. Indeed, the Super G 10 Mid 320 is surprisingly easy to swing, despite its weight. The frame isn’t fantastic for adding spin, but more than does the job. This is a great all-round racket for a beginner, without many downsides (apart from perhaps the weight, which Völkl mitigate well). It exhibits great control and will reward new players as they start to master their technique.

Völkl V-Sense 8 85 Tennis Racket

Best for Intermediate Players

The Völkl V-Sense 8 is regularly listed as one of the best intermediate rackets on the market, and it’s hard not to see why. Beautifully designed, as ever, and including up-to-date sporting technology, this is a racket that players love.

As with all the best rackets, this brilliantly balances power and control, with enough precision that regular players will find that they have plenty of potential to realise as they improve their technique. Whilst this racket might sound heavy (300g), the design and balance mitigate this expertly, giving a racket that’s easy in the hand and quick to swing. The unique V Sensor technology, used in the construction of the handle, also keeps the racket cushioned and comfortable—good news for any players who fear Tennis Elbow.


  • Frame Weight: 300g
  • Frame Material: Graphite C3 Material
  • String Pattern: Unstrung
  • Grip: Völkl Pro Grip
  • Super Grommets, for dampening and improved energy transfer
  • V-Sensor, eliminating vibration
  • C3 Material, combining Tri-Carbon paper, cellulose fibers, carbon nanotubes, and Graphene Nanoplatelets (GNP) for a stable, lightweight frame
  • Combination of Classic Beam and Organix technologies

If you’re looking for a tonne of shot strength paired with excellent responsiveness, the V Sense 8 320 is just waiting for you to come and try it out. It’s unsurprising that this racket has developed such a loyal following, given its lightweight mix of spin, comfort and maneuverability. The major drawback is that, as you start to hit the ball very powerfully, the V-Sense 8 320 can begin to lose a little of its control and send balls long. However, the ease with which the racket can add extra top-spin can help to sort that out.

Völkl V-Sense 1 Tennis Racket

Best for Professionals

This is the elite of Völkl’s current racket offerings, designed with the professional player in mind. The V-Sense 1 will raise your game to the next level, offering a superbly balanced combination of improved power and excellent handling. The 115 square inch head size gives you more than enough of a sweet spot to work with, but is kept nice and light so that it never loses maneuverability.

This great melding of design and materials is only further improved by the impressive sports technologies that Völkl add into the mix. The Precise Power Beam and patented C3 material are adapted to produce an incredibly light, but also long-lasting and resistant frame.


  • Frame Weight: 255g
  • Frame Material: Graphite C3 Material
  • String Pattern: 16×17 PCP
  • Grip: Völkl V Sense Pro Perf
  • V-Sensor, eliminating vibration
  • C3 Material, combining Tri-Carbon paper, cellulose fibres, carbon nanotubes, and GNP for a stable, lightweight frame
  • Combination of Classic Beam and Organix technologies

For an advanced player who wants a cutting-edge racket, there can’t be many better options than the Völkl V-Sense 1.

The Last Word

Whatever the level of your tennis, Völkl will provide you with a high-tech racket, durably constructed with German engineering. They’re dedicated to proving that you don’t need to be the likes of Novak Djokovic to benefit from cutting-edge sports design. So why not take advantage of it?

Yonex Tennis Rackets Reviewed

Yonex has a long history in racket sports, starting out as a Japanese badminton specialist in 1957, before launching its first aluminium tennis racket 25 years later.

Lleyton Hewitt, Monica Seles and Martina Hingis all won Grand Slams with Yonex rackets, and the company still makes some of the very best rackets on the market today.

It’s no real surprise that the brand retains loyal fans around the world, even in the face of stiff competition from companies like Wilson and Prince, who can boast greater name recognition.

Why Buy a Yonex Tennis Racket?

Yonex are a brand that make high-level design a standard in all their rackets and because of this they make some of the great racquets despite not being as well known as the likes of Wilson and Head. Every single one is equipped with their trademarked isometric head shape (as opposed to the traditional oval-shaped racket design that everyone else in the industry uses), which can increase the hitting area, or “sweet spot”, of a racket by anything up to 48%.

Add to that a raft of other trademarked design features, and you can see why Bernard Tomic, Stanislas Wawrinka, and Sabine Lisicki all favour Yonex rackets. Even better, these are advantages that Yonex don’t just hoard for their most exclusive, pro-level rackets. Even their junior and beginner offerings are built with the same care, attention and high-tech design. So, the real question is: Why wouldn’t you buy a Yonex racket?

Best Yonex Tennis Rackets

Although a single brand, Yonex still have an awful lot of different rackets in their catalogue. Even within a single product line (such as the V Core), there will usually be half a dozen variants, including different weights and sizes, so it’s always sensible to try out a new racket before you buy. However, here are some great starting suggestions to help get your investigation going:

Yonex EZone 100

For Beginners

This excellent beginner to intermediate racket has everything you come to expect from a Yonex racket, from the signature isometric frame to the quake shut gel technology for extra comfort when striking the ball.

As ever, you get Yonex’s immediately recognizable isometric racket head, producing the big sweet spot their rackets are known for. As beginner rackets go, this is pretty large but reviewers say it has a great feel on volleys and is excellent for applying spin.


  • Frame Weight: 316g / 11.1 oz
  • 4 point head
  • String Pattern: 16×19
  • Grip: Yonex Synthetic
  • 7% larger sweet spot

For a beginner who already has a powerful serve, this light, large-headed racket might be just the thing. It’s very forgiving for players still learning the game, but advanced enough that you won’t need to replace it for a good long while.

Yonex Ezone DR 98+ Tennis Racket

For Intermediate Players

The favoured racket of Nick Kyrgios and Ana Ivanovic, the Ezone DR 98+ comes in two distinctive looks: black and blue, or the more eye-catching dark grey and lime. It has a mid-sized head, at 98 square inches, improved by a large sweet spot thanks to its isometric frame. The Ezone DR 98+ has spot-on accuracy, as well as top-level spin. The Dual Shut System also does an incredible job at reducing vibrations by 50% and cushioning the forces that are transferred through the racket into the arm when the ball is struck. Any regular players with elbow, arm or wrist conditions (such as Tennis Elbow) should give the DR 98+ serious consideration.


  • Frame Weight: 310g
  • Frame Material: HM Graphite, Nanometric DR
  • String Pattern: 16×19
  • Grip: Yonex Super Cushion
  • Isometric Design, creating a 32% larger hitting area
  • Oval Pressed Shaft (OPS), improving spin without sacrificing accuracy
  • Super Cushion Grip, cushioning impact to protect he wrist and elbow
  • Aero Shape, thinner more flexible frame design
  • Dual Shut System (Shockless Grommets and Quake Shut Gel)
  • Nanometric DR, premium grade carbon graphite frame

This is a versatile racket for someone who takes their tennis seriously. If you like to stomp your way through matches with the power of your serve, then there will be rackets out there better tailored to your style. But if you want the freedom to try things out and mix your game up, you can’t go far wrong with the Ezone DR 98+.

For Professionals

Endorsed by three-time Grand Slam winner, Stan Wawrinka, the Yonex VCore Pro 97 boasts a relatively compact racket head (97 square inches) that makes for quick handling and a fast swing. That speed comes with no trade off in stability thanks to some of the cutting-edge materials included in the frame’s construction. Yonex’s new substance, Namd (originally designed for use in aircraft), is used at strategic locations in the design, making the racket even more responsive. The isometric head remains a standout feature – as with all Yonex rackets – and the 16×9 string pattern allows for plenty of spin.


  • Frame Weight: 330g
  • Frame Material: HM Graphite, Black Micro Core, Namd
  • String Pattern: 16×19
  • Grip: Yonex Super Cushion
  • Isometric Design, creating a 32% larger hitting area
  • Black Micro Core, increasing stability and vibration dampening
  • Namd, increased flexibility and more rapid “snapback”
  • 3D Vector Shaft, producing 20% more stability
  • Lock Booster System, for more efficient energy transfers from the string to the ball

This is a great choice for advanced players and pros alike. It’s perfect for faster players who want pinpoint accuracy for their aggressive serves, and, once you get into the net, you have a good mix of stability and speed too.

Yonex V Core SV Lite Tennis Racket

Best Budget Racket

Just because you only play tennis a couple of times a month doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the advantages of a pro tennis racket. This is where the extremely affordable, Yonex V Core SV Lite gets its moment to shine. Yonex Aero Fins will speed your swing by 2.9%, whilst the isometric racket design will let you enjoy the same enlarged hitting area as Stan Wawrinka. Coming in at 98 square inches, you still have a good-sized racket head, and the cutting-edge SV frame design grants you next level ball repulsion. A classic, open 16×9 string pattern means you’ll be able to add lots of spin to your shots too.


  • Frame Weight: 270g
  • Frame Material: Graphite, Nanometric XT
  • String Pattern: 16×19
  • Grip: Yonex PU grip
  • Isometric Design, creating a 32% larger hitting area
  • New Aero Fins, reducing air resistance by 16%
  • SV frame design, for greater control

For the casual player who still wants to be competitive, the Yonex V Core SV Lite offers staggering design and build quality at a very affordable price.

Yonex V Core 25 JR Tennis Racket

Best for Juniors

This is a quality racket for a competitive junior, equipped with much of the high-tech design and materials contained in Yonex’s pro rackets. Their Aero Fins tech will reduce the air resistance on your swing, giving you more speed and power. Patented Nanometric XT Carbon in the upper portion of the frame keeps the racket light and responsive. Yonex’s signature isometric design creates a nice big sweet spot that even a professional would envy. Add to this, that the V Core 25 JR has a good head size for a junior racket (98 square inches), whilst still being significantly light, and comes with the reduced handle size needed by a younger player, and you know you’re really onto a winner.


  • Frame Weight: 240g
  • Frame Material: Graphite
  • String Pattern: 16×19
  • Grip: Yonex PU grip
  • Isometric Design, creating a 32% larger hitting area
  • Aero Fins, reducing air resistance by 14%
  • 3D Vector Shaft, producing 20% more stability
  • SV frame design, for greater control

A light, reduced-sized junior racket, with all the high-tech design needed by a pro. This is the perfect racket for a junior player already on track to becoming the world’s next tennis sensation.

The Last Word

You can’t go wrong with a Yonex racket. They’ve been making high-end tennis rackets for nearly forty years, and every single one of their rackets benefits from the core patented technologies that made loyal fans out of Grand Slam-winning athletes. Whatever your level, Yonex will have a racket that will make you feel like a pro.