Lobster Phenom 2 Review

The Lobster Phenom 2 is one of the most advanced tennis ball machines on the market. Manufactured by Lobster, the machine is electrically powered and features everything that a tennis player needs to improve his game.

Lobster Phenom 2 Review

Complete with a durable design and a range of innovative features, the machine is fully programmable to suit players of all sorts. Better still, the machine comes at a very reasonable price.

If you want to know more about the Lobster Phenom 2 and its features, keep reading!

Technical Details

This machine can do almost everything. It features a 250-ball hopper, allowing you more time on the court before having to refill.

When it comes to ball speed, it fires them out at between 25 and 80 mph; this can be adjusted to suit your preference and training requirements.

The machine weighs 99 lbs, making it one of the heavier launchers on the market. With this in mind, it’s best suited to those with a private court or tennis club where they can leave the machine stationary.

If you’re looking for a portable machine to move back and forth, you’re probably better suited to something lighter.

The feed rate of the Phenom 2 varies between 2 and 9 seconds and can also be set to random intervals. When turned on, this feature shoots the balls out of the machine at random to keep you on your toes.

The Good

Below are some of Lobster Phenom 2’s key features.

+ Lexan Control Panel

An upgrade from the Phenom 1, the Phenom 2 comes with a new easy-to-use control panel. Known as the “Lexan” control panel, it features a touch screen instead of the previous knobs, dials, and switches.

The menu is a digital LCD, allowing you to scroll through all the options before selecting your preferred settings.

At first glance, the control panel may look a little complicated; however, this isn’t the case. After the first use, you’ll see that it’s extremely user-friendly and can be operated by players of all ages.

+ 20-Function Remote Control

The Phenom 2 can be controlled with a wireless remote. This is an optional feature and can be purchased separately for those that are interested.

The remote has 20-function control and allows you to adjust the settings from anywhere on the court. This is ideal for players who don’t want to be traveling to and from the control panel to adjust the settings.

+ 3 Pre-programmed Drills

Like many of the other Lobster machines, including the Lobster Elite 2 Portable Tennis Ball Machine and the Lobster Elite 1 Portable Tennis Ball Machine, the Phenom 2 comes with three pre-programmed six shot drills.

These simulate popular styles like the power baseliner, grinder, and all-courter, allowing you to perfect some of the trickier shots as you train. You can also customize the drills to adapt the trajectory, speed, and spin to make sure it suits your requirements.

Below, we explore the preprogrammed drills in more detail:

  • Grinder Drill: The grinder drill is a six ball drill that incorporates a high level of spin. This drill includes high and moderate spin shots to challenge you both physically and mentally.
  • Power Baseliner Drill: The Power Baseliner Drill is another six ball drill that uses the full court. Unlike the Grinder drill, the Baseliner includes more speed and less spin. This gives you a taste of how it feels to play an explosive style and helps to improve both your pace and aggression. This drill is ideal for those looking to improve their attacking style.
  • All-Courter Drill: The final preprogrammed drill is the All-Courter. This is basically a combination of the Grinder and the Power Baseliner, providing a varied range of shots with random spin and speed. This is ideal for players looking to improve their general tennis skills.

+ 3-Line Function

In addition to the drills, the Phenom 2 features 3-Line function. Interestingly, this is one of the most advanced 3-line functions found in modern tennis ball machines.

The feature also includes 3 positional settings, allowing you to adapt the machine to fire narrow, medium and wide shots. This allows you to improve both your forehand and backhand strokes in a single training session. Many players enjoy using this as a way to warm up before a match.

The Bad

Here are some drawbacks of the Lobster Phenom 2.

– Remote Control Is Purchased Separately

As mentioned previously, the wireless remote is optional and must be purchased separately. If you want to upgrade to the remote-control package, you’ll have to fork out some extra cash. For the most part, the remote works well; however, it requires a feed light indicator which is a disappointment.

Material & Construction

The Lobster Phenom 2 has hard-wearing plastic construction. The durable material won’t damage easily and will protect the machine from the harshness of any environment.

As the Phenom is a stationary machine, many people leave it out on the court in between sessions. The durable construction will protect the machine, even without the use of a cover.

However, if you plan to leave the launcher out all year round, it’s probably best to pick up a waterproof cover, just for peace of mind.

Overall Performance

You certainly get your money’s worth with the Lobster Phenom 2. With features similar to those on more expensive machines, the Phenom is great value for money.

Who Is It For?

This tennis ball machine is best suited to intermediate and advanced level tennis players with basic tennis skills. While anyone can use the machine, the features are a little more advanced than you’ll need if you’re just starting out.


If you’re looking for a feature-rich, stationery tennis ball machine, the Lobster Phenom 2 will not disappoint. With durable design and several innovative features, the launcher will certainly improve your tennis skills if used regularly.

Our Rating: 9.5 out of 10 stars

Lobster Elite Liberty Review

If you’re looking for a tennis ball machine for beginners, the Lobster Elite Liberty is a great option. Currently, the machine is one of the best-selling ball launchers in the world and can be purchased for a pretty reasonable price.

Lobster Elite Liberty Review

Our rating: 8.8 out of 10 stars

Like all Lobster tennis ball machines, the Lobster Elite Liberty has a durable but ergonomic design. This means that the launcher is lightweight for easy transport but still hard-wearing enough to withstand knocks and scrapes. If you want to hear more about this machine and its features, keep reading!

Technical Details

The Lobster Elite Liberty tennis ball machine weighs just 36 pounds, making it one of the lightest ball machines on the market. The light weight makes it portable and easy to maneuver around the court without hurting your back. It should also be easy enough to lift in and out of your trunk.

With a large ball hopper on top, the Lobster Elite Liberty tennis ball machine has a ball capacity up to 150 balls. This allows you to train for a decent amount of time before needing to refill. Many of the Liberty’s settings can be adjusted, including the ball speed and feed rate.

Depending on your preference, the ball speed can be set between 20 and 80 mph while the feed rate can be programmed between 2 and 10 seconds.

This tennis ball machine is battery powered with a backup time of up to 4 hours; while this is lower than some portable tennis ball machines, it’s still long enough to enjoy a full practice session or two without recharging the battery.

You can also program the elevation, oscillation, topspin, and backspin to suit your training requirements. With the random oscillation setting, the Liberty can provide a challenging practice session for players of all sorts.

The Good

The Lobster Elite Liberty tennis ball machine has some pros and some cons. Here are some of our favorite features:

+ Random Oscillation

The Lobster Elite Liberty boasts random oscillation. Enabled with a push of the button, the machine can be set to feed the balls randomly from side to side. This allows the ball to feed smoothly into both corners of the court to provide a challenging play session.

While you cannot control have far left or right the ball should go, the random oscillation gets you moving around the court just like you would in a real game. If you want to adjust how far left and right the ball lands, you can do this by bringing the launcher closer to the net.

+ Portable and Easy to Store

Weighing just 36 pounds, the Elite Liberty is one of the lightest tennis ball machines on the market. The light weight makes the machine portable and easy to move around the court.

The dimensions of the launcher are 21x14x21, making the machine compact enough to be stored in the trunk of your car or neatly in your home. As the machine is heavier when the hopper is full, we recommend emptying it at the end of your session – just make sure you’ve got somewhere to store your balls!

If you want to make the Liberty even more compact, you can turn the hopper upside down on top of the machine.

+ Adjustable Spin and Speed

Just like the Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five Ball Machine and the Lobster Elite Freedom, the Elite Liberty has adjustable spin and speed. Both of these can be set via the user-friendly control panel. Impressively, both the topspin and backspin can be altered between -4 and +4 and any number in between.

There’s also the option to add flat feeds into your game to make things even more interesting. The speed can be set as high as 80 mph or as low as 20. If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting at the lowest speed and working your way up. This way, you won’t end up training at a speed you’re uncomfortable with. Advanced players may prefer to start somewhere between 40 and 60mph and work their way up to the top speed.

+ Adjustable Feed Rate

The Lobster Elite Liberty has a feed rate between 2 and 12 seconds. Depending on your training requirements, you can set the launcher to feed the ball as fast as 2 seconds or as slow as 12.

If you want to work on your volleys, the 2-second feed rate will be your best bet. The elevation of the Liberty can also be adjusted; the elevation control is located on the side of the machine and can be set between 0 and 50 degrees.

The Bad

Here are some of the Elite Liberty’s drawbacks.

– The Handle is Not Sturdy

Like other launchers in the Elite series, the handle on the Liberty isn’t very sturdy. It feels as though it could break if you tug the machine with too much force, so it’s worth handling it with care on the court and during transportation.

– Backup

The Liberty has a backup time of 4 hours. While you can still enjoy a decent training session, this is much lower than similar models on the market. One way around this is purchasing an additional battery and alternating between the two. That way, you’ll never be caught out in the middle of a session.

Material & Construction

The Lobster Elite Liberty is made from hard-wearing plastic. This makes the machine light in weight but also durable enough to withstand general wear and tear. All manufacturing defects are backed by a 2-year warranty, which is also a bonus.

Overall Performance

Overall, the Lobster Elite Liberty is a great tennis ball machine with a reasonable price tag good speed and ball capacity and is easy to use. In our opinion, it has all the features needed to improve your tennis skills.

Who Is It For?

The machine’s features are tailored towards beginners and intermediate players. However, the adjustable settings also make it suitable for more advanced players looking for a basic launcher.


If you want to take your tennis game to the next level, the Lobster Elite Liberty will help you get there. If you’re a beginner or intermediate level player looking to polish your skills, the Elite Liberty will not disappoint.

Our rating: 8.8 out of 10 stars

Lobster Elite Freedom Review

The Lobster Elite Freedom is a mid-level tennis ball machine. Like all of the Lobster range, the Elite Freedom is lightweight, portable and comes with a range of advanced features.

Lobster Elite Freedom Review

The Lobster Elite Freedom is a mid-level tennis ball machine. Like all of the Lobster range, the Elite Freedom is lightweight, portable and comes with a range of advanced features.

The battery-operated launcher is designed to offer maximum durability whilst still being light enough to transport to and from the court.

Offering great value for money, the Elite Freedom provides outstanding performance for an affordable price tag. If you want to know more about the Lobster Elite Freedom and its features, keep reading!

Technical Details

Weighing just 35 pounds, the Elite Freedom is one of the lightest ball machines on the market. Despite its light weight, the launcher is strong and hard-wearing, so you don’t need to worry about damaging it during transport.

Like the other machines in the Elite series, the Freedom is mounted onto two large wheels for easy movement around the court.

The launcher features a standard ball hopper that can hold 150 balls. This keeps the machine light weight while still providing ample playing time before needing to refill.

The machine is battery powered and has a backup time of between 2 and 4 hours. A premium 3-Amp fast charger is included with the machine, so you don’t have to worry about forking out more cash.

The machine is similar to the Elite 1 but has a couple of more advanced features. One of the best and most challenging features is the corner-to-corner sweeps that help to improve your lateral movements.

As most of the settings are customizable, the Freedom is suitable for all types of tennis players. It offers random and horizontal oscillation and can fire out the ball at speeds from 10 to 70mph.

Like the Lobster Elite 1 and the Lobster Elite 2, the Elite Freedom has a feed rate of 2 to 10 seconds. While it doesn’t offer any spin on the ball, you can manually adjust the elevation from between 0 and 50 degrees.

The Good

Here are some of the Lobster Elite Freedom’s best bits.

+ Speed

The machine is capable at shooting the ball at a speed range of 10 and 70 mph. This makes the launcher suitable for all players, regardless of your ability or training requirements. If you’re a beginner, you can start with a speed of 10 and progress to 35 mph. Intermediate players should opt for between 30 and 50 mph while pro-level tennis athletes should start at 45 mph and go as high as 70.

+ Feed Rate

Feed rate is one of the most important features in a tennis ball launcher. Thankfully, the Lobster Elite Freedom can go as low as 2 seconds to as high as 10, making it suitable for all types of player. If you’re just starting with tennis, begin at 10 seconds and speed up as necessary.

+ Battery Powered

The Lobster Elite Freedom is battery powered and comes with a rechargeable battery pack. When fully charged, the battery will last somewhere between 2 and 4 hours. The battery can be recharged using either a standard 1-Amp or a premium 3-Amp fast charger. If you go for the premium option, it should take less than 8 hours to fully recharge the battery.

+ Elevation

Adding elevation to your shots will make use of overhead shots and improve your tennis skills. Thankfully, the Freedom’s elevation can be set anywhere between 0 and 50 degrees so you can adjust it to suit your training requirements. The only downside is that it has to be altered manually.

+ Oscillation

The Elite Freedom offers random horizontal oscillation to improve your lateral movements on the court. When switched on, the random oscillation shoots the ball randomly across the court so you’ll never know where it’s going. To make things even more challenging, pair this with the varying speed and feed rate. It’s also worth mentioning the Freedom’s full corner-to-corner capability. This innovative feature will take your tennis skills to a whole new level.

The Bad

Here are the drawbacks of the Lobster Elite Freedom.

– Poor Batteries

Though the battery pack is designed to last up to 4 hours, a few customers have complained that it drains in less than 2 hours after a couple of uses. This may prove annoying if you want to enjoy a long practice session. One way around this is purchasing an additional battery and alternating between the two if necessary.

Material & Construction

Like all the Lobster machines in the Elite series, the Freedom has durable plastic construction. This keeps the machine lightweight while still providing the necessary strength to last longer. The launcher also comes with a plastic cover. This can be used to protect the machine during transport and also to protect it from the elements when stored outside or in the garage.

Overall Performance

Overall, the Lobster Elite Freedom is an excellent tennis ball machine. Although it has some flaws, these are certainly outweighed by the machine’s pros and affordable price tag. The launcher performs well on the court and will certainly improve your tennis skills when used regularly.

Who Is It For?

As the Freedom is fully customizable, it’s suitable for all types of player. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced level tennis payer, the Lobster Elite Freedom will help you to improve your game.


With a weight of 35 pounds, the Elite Freedom is one of the most portable machines on the market. If you’re looking for a portable tennis ball machine with excellent features, this launcher will suit you perfectly.