The Ultimate Wimbledon Tennis Champion

We have done some interesting research into which characteristics and statistics make up the Ultimate Wimbledon Tennis Player for the men’s game using all the player data for every champion from 1969 (start of the open era) to the most recent champion which was Novak Djokavic in 2018.

Stats For The Ultimate Wimbledon Champion

This is a summary of the average or most common characteristics and statistics for Wimbledon champions:

So what does this mean? Well it means that, according to the statistics, the Ultimate Wimbledon Champion for men is:

  • From the USA
  • 24 years old
  • 184 cm tall and 78 kg weight
  • Right-handed
  • Uses a one-handed backhand
  • Has brown hair and blue eyes
  • Has a 77.98% career win rate
  • Has won 63 career titles

Fun Stats

  • 12% of winners were ginger compared to 2% of the general population
  • The US open has the highest correlation with Wimbledon winners with an average of 2.6 wins per winner
  • Only 2 winners were over 30
  • The golden age for winners was 22 (9 champions)
  • Blue eyed beauties fare the best in terms of eye colour (42%) compared to a worldwide average of 8%


Youngest winner was Boris Becker at 17 (1985) –

Oldest winner was Roger Federer at 35 (2017)

Smallest winner was Rod Laver at 5ft 8in (1969) –

Tallest winner was Richard Krajicek 6ft 5in (1996)

The lightest winner was Jimmy Connors 10st 10 –

The heaviest winner was Richard Krajicek 14st

Win Rate:
The highest career win rate for a winner was 82.8 – Novak Djokovic

The lowest career win rate for a winner was 62.1 – Pat Cash

Most Titles:
The one and only Roger Federer: 8 (and counting!)

Birth Country of Wimbledon Champions (1968-2017)


Age of Wimbledon Champions (1968-2017)


Which Hand the Champions Used (1968-2017)


Number of Hands Used for Backhands by Champion


Height of Winner


Eye Colour of Winner


Hair Colour of Winner


Total Wimbledon Titles Won